Las Vegas via Brooklyn via Dallas vocalist/producer and multi-disciplined artist Norvis Junior has released seven EPs in the past two years. His forthcoming project Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03, (set for delivery through Tape Club Records on March 4) is occupied by seven space gospel compositions, fusing electro soul with Junior's prodigious pen. On 'More Shakers,' Norvis Junior's latest single, the dynamic genre-fusing artisan has cosmic faith to make it through the storm.

"I was in Miami shooting the film to accompany the first two EPs I released in Brooklyn and was having a lot of conversations with the producers and crew about what's happening in the world," Norvis said. "I feel...I know there's more happening than what we observe and the conversations centered around change. So I just began to think about change a lot while I was down there: the fears of approaching it, the triumphs of going through it, what can and can't change. Along with the 808 kick, because I was told the vibration of the Miami point of the Bermuda Triangle is that of an 808 sub kick frequency. On the plane ride back from from Miami, the Director of Photography said Pyrrhic Victory is a great band name. I researched what it was and I realized that there is pyrrhic victory happening now in how we currently view technological advancement. The way we view technology in today's culture is around enframing, which comes from a mind operating strictly from information but information can be skewed and what's being ignored is intuition. That led me to realize what's changing... we're moving from the age of information into the age of intuition. So after I got back from Miami I made all but two of the beats in a matter of like 24 hours and over the span of a year I revealed lyrics to myself that helped to make sense of what I was feeling when I was creating the instrumental tracks."

Norvis Junior's Pyrrhic Victory Disc 03 is out on March 4 via Tape Club Records. Pre-order the project here.