If you have ever seen a film where characters take acid, you know the kind of psychedelia that Misty Coast, a Norwegian duo, is known for. They recently put out their sophomore album, Melodaze, which they described as their “Berlin rebel album,” after spending time amid Schöneberg’s brutalist architecture for slightly too long. Today they reveal a new music video for ‘Loophole’, a choice noise rock selection from the LP. Watch the clip below.

I learned later that the setting for the video is not a funhouse or set, but rather a real bar in Bergen, where the band is currently based. Still, it sets the scene for whimsy. Lead singer Linn Frøkedal sips beer as she appears to pen the very song she’s listening to, which happens to be the one viewers may already know, too. There are as many effects on the visuals as there are on the guitars, making for an adequately trippy experience. Sure, it’s nothing like real drugs, but it’s a fun clip that works in tandem with the noisy and carefree track.

“Inspired by my favourite director Sidney Lumet, I like to choose authentic locations that reflect the qualities I look for as opposed to building it in a studio. BarBarista was perfect in this case, a local bar known for its waffles and extravagant décor. We wanted to capture the atmosphere of the room, to reflect the dreamy surrealness of the track.” – Nils J. Nesse, video director

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