Pom Poko are a Norwegian quartet that met at the Trondheim Music Conservatory, where they found in each other a love of diverse music and an enthusiasm for improvisation and experimentation. They've been self-releasing singles for a little while now, but recently caught the attention of Bella Union, who promptly signed them and will be releasing their yet-to-be-announced album in early 2019. As an amuse bouche for that they have released a new single called 'Follow The Lights', which should spark your interest at the very least.

The band shows their diverse influences pretty quickly in 'Follow The Lights', which opens with a sludgy guitar riff punctuated by tinny African percussion. When Ragnhild's lead vocals come in she quickly quells the brewing storm, taking it bobbing through the verses and then using that momentum to lift off into the perky and playful chorus. With plenty of crunchiness in the production and roughness around the edges, 'Follow The Lights' is a teetering melange of a song that keeps you hooked through its ability to manage all these elements in a towering pop package.

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