Roaming amongst the realms any Björk or Susanne Sundfør fan would approve of, Berlin-based Mihle could be best described as Scandi alt-pop infused with darker tonalities, with inspiration also drawn from the cold, gritty streets of the German capital.

In collaboration with Scandinavian artists Linnea Hansson and Gina Tandberg, and filmed over a period of 5 months using handheld cameras, ‘Believer’ dissects the reality of being an idealist in a world full of cynics, a phenomenon too relatable in the times we live in. Weaving together rich synths and soaring vocals within an intricate, brooding soundscape, ‘Believer’ mirrors a musician with a clear direction, a grasp for catchy hooks and soothing melodies that could last for a lifetime.

Watch the video below.

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