Spielbergs are a trio of young men who recently burst their way onto our radar with the powerhouse single 'We Are All Going To Die'. Today they follow it up with 'Distant Star', which is the title track from their upcoming EP.

'Distant Star' opens with a bristling melodicism that immediately recalls Superchunk, and as they shift gears smoothly into the song's chorus Japandroids are the band that come to mind. But, just as on 'We Are All Going To Die', Spielbergs' unique gung-ho, do-or-die attitude comes ringing out of every chord, guitar solo and lung-bursting vocal. It's hard not to be swept up in their bleary-eyed euphoria as their hearts, limbs lungs act like generators, maintaining the energy throughout, redirecting it through several loops but always keeping the excitement at full throttle.

Spielbergs' debut EP Distant Star comes out through By The Time It Gets Dark on April 27th. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.