Coucheron has enjoyed the kind of success that most musicians only dream of achieving during their lifetime, let alone by the time they are 23. But a big part of what has made Coucheron so worth of his many accolades -- including a Grammy nomination -- is his ability to pick spectacular partners for collaboration. In the past, he has worked with the likes of Mayer Hawthorne to craft scintillating, exhilarating tracks. Now, on his latest single 'UFO,' Coucheron has smartly teamed up with fellow Norwegian ARY to make a punchy pop track that bristles with punk energy.

There is no doubt that Coucheron's instrumentals are a huge part of the puzzle here. His rubberbanding bassline whips the groove into motion, and a slew of synths keeps the party moving forward at all times. But the track's punky attitude largely comes from ARY's spectacular vocal performance. Her voice makes 'UFO' instantly memorable and addicting. I replayed the part about her 'tattoos' over and over. This really is a phenomenal track, a piece of sturdy and sparkling Norwegian pop that was apparently just as fun to make as it is to listen to.

"Perhaps the least pretty piece of music I’ve been involved with, 'UFO' was maybe the most fun to make," says Coucheron. "ARY and I knew we wanted to make something really fast, and she came up with these four crazy chords that sounds just 'off' enough, but not too ugly either.

"The next two hours were kind of a haze, and we had no idea what the song could be for," he continues. "It’s a song about really digging yourself and catering to the awesome human being that you are. Been playing it in my sets for a while and it’s always been a favorite, and now felt like the time for the world to hear what we made."

Give 'UFO' a listen below. It is a damn fun song.