Anne Lise Frøkedal released her debut album Hold On Dreamer in 2016 to much acclaim, even receiving a Grammy nomination in her native Norway. It's with no small amount of pressure that she will be returning with her second album How We Made It in August.

Frøkedal isn't thinking on the expectation though, she's laser focused on just putting out the best music she can, and lead single 'I Don't Care' shows that in spades. She has said that "'I Don't Care' contains an energy that [she] specifically wanted to be present on the new LP. Unfiltered, impulsive thoughts and actions fueled by everything from fear, love and deep passion - to red hot anger. The song seems to represent the whole spectrum. It's an ambivalent, slightly over the top effort to close the door to the past.”

She certainly lets you into those tumultuous seas of honesty, defiance and passion early on in 'I Don't Care', when she sings "I never really questioned my life/ 'til you condescendingly said I’d fail.” What follows is a streamlined folk rock song that slips off burdens and over life's hurdles with grace and panache, Frøkedal fully embodying and expressing this new triumph and drive. By the song's end she seems reborn, singing "I’m ready for a wondrous expansion of life / all over your empty space.” 'I Don't Care' is a vigorous statement of intent, and one which promises plenty from How We Made It. Listen below.

Frøkedal's How We Made It will come out through Propeller Recordings on August 31st. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.