Jarle Skavhellen is a Norwegian folk songwriter who will be releasing his debut album The Ghost In Your Smile next month. Skavehellen has today shared the track 'Coming Home' from the album, about which he told For Folk's Sake: "I wrote this when visiting my grandma at the cancer ward... She was tired of all the treatments and was missing my grandpa who passed a few years earlier. But she always kept a lovely dark humour and joked, ‘He won’t wait forever, you know.’ So it’s not really a sad song. It’s more about acceptance and letting go."

That journey through mournfulness into acceptance is fully audible in 'Coming Home'. It starts grey and foggy, like a man lost in his own grim thoughts, with Skevhellen singing over his acoustic guitar with only minor sonic additions. Then, as the fog is lifted and Skevhellen finds his way into happier memories and understanding of death's place in life, the song picks up with glowing horns and a more upbeat guitar line. Overall 'Coming Home' takes you through depths and peaks of human existence, all in a classic folk style. Listen below.

Jarle Skavhellen's debut album The Ghost In Your Smile comes out through Nettwerk on May 11th.