Label: Is A Rockstar Records Release date: 17/08/09 Website: Buy: Amazon It’s a shame Not Advised’s, ‘Fight for This’ is being released in September, because one song in and I can tell the EP is going to be a staple for any discerning college/school student’s Alcopop fuelled house party. Every single song begs to be badly sung along to by groups of bouncy teenagers dancing with a friend on one arm and an illicit cigarette in the other. While not offering us anything musically ground breaking the five piece give everything one could want or expect from a pop-punk band. The guitars and drums are loud, the lead singers cute and the lyrics are angsty, yet surprisingly uplifting. I think the track ‘This is a Red Light Situation’ with the chorus lyrics, “This is a situation/that we’re happy to be in/|I wouldn’t change place for anything” could make me feel happy about my house being on fire. Not Advised are due to support You Me At Six and The Ataris, so should give you an idea of their genre persuasion and that they stick closely to the mould. So if you didn’t have a Funeral for a Friend stage it’s doubtful you’ll think much of this 5 track mini album, but I’d advise those of you who did not to miss it. Rating: 7/10