Label: Richter Collective Release date: 01/03/10 Website: Myspace Not Squares have just dropped their first single 'Asylum' and it's crazy good. It opens with a frenetic, bubbling rhythm that cascades into a more measured yet plenty funky guitar line. The ensuing vocals, little more than 'I wanna live in an asylum' followed by a 'ooh-EH!', are whimsical but restrained enough to be a pleasing curiosity rather than a frustrating novelty. Not Squares could be easily accused of tapping straight into a painfully on-trend sound, all irreverence and dance-hall friendly snare/high-hat heavy beats. On the basis of this single alone it's too early to call on how their sound might evolve/mature/fluctuate over a full-length, but this is a seriously promising start. So long as the slightly enigmatic electro noiseniks follow up this corker with similarly quality tunes and don't dip too far into either their novelty noises or very evident contemporary influences they'll be ones to keep a keen eye on for sure, whatever shape they end up being. Photobucket