Today marks the return of Swedish-based group Novah who have unveiled their sonically stunning and particularly crafted new single 'Revolution.' The band - made up of Paul Strand on drums, Filip Hagström Rennerstedt on bass, Simon Hagström Rennerstedt on vocals/keyboard, Oskar Karlström on guitar and David Tranberg on vocals/guitar - decamped to the island of Yxlan for the recording process, setting up their own home studio to offer them the ability to capture the essence of isolation and atmosphere in their songs. Songs they've collected for their forthcoming debut EP.

Regarding their new single, the band said: "The chorus was initially recorded as a demo in 2014, with only guitars and vocals. We discovered it during the summer of 2015 and completed the song. It was a breaking point for us in the process of writing the new material, as it set the whole identity of the EP."

Novah's debut EP Alaska will be released this spring.