I saw a comment on YouTube that said something like, "This is how I felt when I first heard Dizzee Rascal Stop Dat" – and that is kind of it. In a really good way. This is future-facing grime courtesy of 17-year-old rapper Novelist and eminent producer Mumdance.

Novelist's flow is a fresh talent, fantastically bouncy, rapid-fire and lilting with hard-edged confidence, breaking into soft-spoken menace to effuse the wonky hook: "Are you ok sir, sir, sir, sir / Are you afraid sir, sir, sir, sir." This is all supported by columns of distorted bass fuzz created by Mumdance, underpinned with booming kicks and abrasive multi-slap handclaps for percussion, punctuated with the occasional floating synth chord left hanging in the air like a crooked question mark.

Aside from the catchy simplicity of "grime renaissance" hit 'German Whip', it's dank, bulging tunes like 'Shook' that really speak of a revival in grime: vague menace, jagged sounds, sparse but brutal beats, raw rhythmic rhymes.

It arrives as the debut track from the pair's collaborative 1 Sec EP, out 20th January (21st, USA) on XL Recordings.