Cats and the internet go together like - well, they just go together. No one knows why, but for as long as there have been gifs and digital cameras, cats have been photographed in hilarious situations, wearing ridiculous clothes, or just prowling around, going about their catty business.

The same can be said of the self-shot, or 'Selfies'. The internet loves it some Selfies. It's rumoured that the day people stop taking awkwardly posed, extended arm self-shots, the sun will collapse and plunge us into that dark non-reality world from Event Horizon. And that, my friends, would suck.

Well, to quote the immortal words of T.S Eliot: 'Shit just got real'

Snapcat, not to be confused with the app that allows people to send naked pictures that self destruct to each other, has created an app that lets Cats take their own selfies. 'How on Earth have they done that?!' I hear you cry. Simple: lasers.

Anyone who's spent any time with a cat and a laser pen knows that it's a recipe for awesome. Cats will literally NEVER get bored of chasing that green dot around the carpet, so Snapcat have utilised our furry friends' love of the elusive dot by simulating it on smartphone screens. The cat bats the laser point and "SNAP", a self shot has been taken.

Apparently the app has had some teething problems, mostly concerning the cat taking its own damn sweet time before engaging with the laser, but if you want to check it out it's available on the Android App Store.