2016 has been a bizarre year, no matter what part of the world you call home. Unfortunately, much of the strange happenings have been on the depressing, "Dear God, I need another drink or seven" end of the spectrum. Wouldn't it be nice to have something to lift your spirits? Wouldn't it be grand to have something absurd and entertaining that can qualm your fractured psyches into the absurd oblivion where reality ceases and imagination rules with limitless power?

Well, the 405 has an exclusive music video premiere just for you.

NVDES are a Los Angeles-based creative collective, curated and produced by Josh Ocean. They released their debut EP, Life With Lobsters last month, and one of the singles released was a little ditty called 'I Give Up, I Need Your Love', which now has a video.

NVDES teamed up with producer/ director Sam Lyon to create a video using his signature "JellyGummies" animation style. Yes, it looks exactly as it sounds. It follows the underwater adventure of a literal baby-faced lobster and his pal, a watermelon-esque head. And before you ask, of course they drive a bitchin' blue convertible. Together, they party in the deep with dolphins and ambiguous creatures of the deep.

This isn't some run-of-the-mill "trippy" music video where your cousin who tries to fit in by cracking a joke about dropping acid. For all its weirdness, the video is bright and just a feel-good time. Brooding, dark, and sexy videos have their place, but the music video for 'I Give Up, I Need Your Love' is a breath of fresh air. It is an escape.

So put on your figurative dancing shoes, forget about that unanswered email (you now the one), and take a few moments to enjoy this excellent video.