The New York-based art rock trio Rich Girls has been releasing a slew of spacious, reverb-coated singles, highlighting the lush vocals of singer/guitarist Luisa Black and the band's knack for beautiful, airy melodies. However, on the band's latest single, 'Hit,' that winning formula has received a twist: synthesizers.

While the name may suggest some sort of wild banger, 'Hit' is a fairly low-key ballad driven by synths and Black's alluring voice. While many have compared Rich Girls' previous work to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 'Hit' seems to hue closer to Alvvays territory, with its captivating textures and atmosphere. But comparisons are needless -- 'Hit' is simply a beautiful song. And, according to Black, it was the result of freeing herself of her typical songwriting limitations.

"This was new sonic territory for us -- synth city," says Black. "I normally have a very specific sound in my head, and it's guitars and big reverb. 'Hit' was me writing without constraints."

For those readers in New York City, Rich Girls will be playing the Bowery Electric tomorrow night at 10 p.m., and you can purchase tickets here. For those either excited to attend that show or those who lament being unable to attend, you can stream 'Hit' below. And keep your eyes peeled for Rich Girls' debut full-length, which is due out on April 6 through Tricycle Records.