Londoners O Children are giving away their new single (named after the retro looking Chrysler) ‘PT Cruiser’ to celebrate the release of their sophomore album Apnea. Since releasing their self titled debut in 2010 the band faced the small problem of the UK government trying to deport lead singer Tobi, it transpired the frontman had inadvertently over stayed his visa by 15 years.

"They were going to take me to Nigeria, all my family is based in the United States so they were basically just going to drop me off somewhere that I have no idea about and no current family ties to”.

While the legal battle raged, Tobi started suffering from a medical condition known as Involuntary Apnea, this is an uncontrollable suspension of breathing, which clearly influenced the albums title.

Catch O Children live at one of the following UK dates:

  • Wed 28th March - Vice @ Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds
  • Thu 29th March - Vice @ Old Blue Last, London
  • Fri 30th March 12 - Vice @ Green Door Store, Brighton