Oakland-based alt-pop artist Sun Kin is back, sharing the new lead single 'IDKY' in advance of Private Time, their third full-length album.

Sun Kin, the project of India-native Kabir Kumar, has pulled in a new rhythm section, composed of a who's who of musicians in Oakland's indie circuit. On 'IDKY,' this impressive collection of prolific artists has assembled to reflect on "doing the 'work' of art, of mining history and ... trauma to find undervalued ideas that might resonate and translate them into the vernacular of our time." According to Sun Kin, the idea was inspired partly by the Hindu concept of "dharma," or duty, "work that must be done simply because you were born to do it--because it's what your spirit needs."

Sun Kin explains further: "'IDKY' is about feeling like you have a passion and not understanding why, when it's so difficult to pursue something beyond simply surviving in a profit-driven world, one would work so hard on a dream that might not pay."

You can stream 'IDKY' up above. Sun Kin's new album, Private Time, is due out on Jan. 17. They will be playing two shows -- at Oakland's Starline Social Club on Jan. 17, and at The Factory in Los Angeles on Jan. 18 -- to celebrate the album's release.