US President Barack Obama is about to announce ‘executive actions aimed at reducing the problem of patent trolling.’

Contrary to what you may imagine, no this does not mean Obama is going to be piledriving and DDT-ing various trolls on the internets. Instead the ‘art’ of patent trolling is really more of a classical description of a troll; companies are acquiring patents with the intention of using them only for licensing fees (to collect a toll for crossing the bridge), and not using the patent to innovate or create anything.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Obama will be instructing the US Patent and Trademark Office to rewrite its rules so that more information is provided to the defendant in a patent lawsuit.

As well as this, individuals filing speculative or abusive lawsuits can be punished with charges being brought against them./

Although these measures are unlikely to deter mega corporations from filing patent lawsuits they may be a boon to reducing much smaller lawsuits thus freeing up the court system from wasting time.