When you think of shelves, you might think of boring IKEA flatpacks, or those 'floating bookshelves' that everyone seemed to spend a week going on about (they're really not that cool, it's just a metal spike hidden by a book's back cover).

Barcelona and Signapore-based Outofstock have actually made some really nice Bridge shelves, which is extra nice when you consider Danish company Bolia are producing them and bridges connect different places... like how everyone involved is based in different countries.

"We have always been fascinated by the beauty and engineering marvel of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge," says the design collective. "Strong and functional, at the same time awe-inspiring."

Inspired by suspension bridges, three solid oak shelves of varying length are suspended from a wooden baton by bent steel rods (available in green or white). You can change the arrangement by moving the shelves along the baton.

Previous Outofstock projects include Hatched, a birds nest-inspired cafe and Vanity Shelf, a hanging storage box and mirror.

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