Describing itself as "new freak rock," Oceans of the Moon is poised to make one of the most intriguing debuts of 2019. With an album coming next month via John Dwyer's Castle Face Records, the project of the well-traveled Rick Pelletier (Six Finger Satellite, Landed, LA Machine) is bound to turn some heads with its wiry, experimental sound.

On the band's latest single, 'Borderline,' Oceans of the Moon showcases its ability to rip sharp-edged, noisy sounds without sacrificing some semblance of melody or tune. As Dwyer puts it, the track sounds like "gorgeous, nauseating, synthesized harmonies blowing thru the ceiling vents." Pelletier describes the track this way: "A magic ritual against the absurdities of life. Hole up, scope it out and wait all you want, we’re all on the 'Borderline.'"

You can stream 'Borderline' from Ocean of the Moon up above. The band's self-titled debut LP is due out on July 8 via Castle Face Records.