Octo Octa is releasing her new EP For Lovers via Technicolour tomorrow, March 1st. It's an EP that stays true to its title, exploring the wondrous nature of human interconnectivity and love.

Having already shared 'I Need You', an ode to friendship, she now shares 'Bodies Meld Together', which in her words "is a song about physically connecting with the people you love.” She goes on to say “I believe that connection is a deeply integral part of creating bonds and trust with them. It's about sharing an experience of becoming one with them and having that experience carry on. Love is important and showing that love to your partners in important. It lets you all become a stronger force together."

This is certainly all true, and a great inspiration for 'Bodies Meld Together' - the only problem is that Octo Octa has infused her production with such an insistent and irresistible beat that you'll want to spend your time separated from physical connection in order to dance your ass off. Fortunately, there are a few breaks, in which you can feel the endorphins swimming in your brain and reach out for whoever's nearby to share in the sheer happiness of the moment - before hitting that groove again.

Look out for Octo Octa's For Lovers EP coming out tomorrow.