Looks like Tyler, The Creator will be $8000 (about £5000) out of pocket after settling with the Roxy in LA who hosted Odd Future's Christmas Show back in December. It was at this gig that Tyler allegedly destroyed venue sound equipment after reportedly getting frustrated with security for failing to respond to the rappers calls for two injured girls in the audience to receive help. Footage of Tyler breaking equipment can seen on the following video although it doesn't seem to be a fair reflection of events as it fails to show the star attempting to aid any damsels in distress:

It's also been reported that Tyler will meet with District Attorneys working on the case, the aim will be to avoid criminal prosecution in exchange for the star paying the cost of the police investigation into the incident. The group head to the UK later this month for a string of dates to promote their new record OF Tapes Vol 2 out March 19th.