Prolific rapper/producer Oddisee, awarded "Best Hip Hop/Rap" album in 2012 by iTunes UK, announced his newest LP, The Beauty In All.

Following up 2012's People Hear What They See, Oddisee's new project is purely instrumental. While the Washington DC based artist is currently hitting Europe with his live band, Oddisee explained his artistic approach to his new record, "The Beauty In All is about the flaws and mistakes that give life its character and worth - how even ignorance can give light to knowledge...Hopefully, you listen to this record, reflect on the ups & downs of life, and see the beauty in all."

To that end, Oddisee shared 'Lonely Planet,' the first single off the LP and it is a gorgeous six minutes. 'Lonely Planet' begins with dark atmospherics before exploding into a sunshine laden groove that builds through the end of the track. Don't miss this one.

The Beauty In All drops October 1st via Mello Music Group.

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