Iggy Pop recently praised the punk-noir of Danish four-piece Iceage stating that; "It's not easy to be that dark. A lot of people who try to express negative energy sort of just flail." There certainly seems to be a rising trend in punk. Bands are delving deeper into the void and, instead of rallying against the government, the older generation and status quo, punk is starting a battle with its own nightmarish psyche. Iceage are doing it, Savages are doing it and, on this basis of this EP, Odonis Odonis make up an unholy trinity.

Better sees the Toronto trio create a terrifying world, blackened with industrial noise and an ominous sense of dread. It is this feeling of unease that makes the EP a standout release within a well-trodden genre. Proto-dance basslines firmly set the two opening tracks - 'She's A Death' and 'Better' - in a lively yet tense setting. You can practically feel it's unwavering, icy stare. The bass drives the track along melodically, allowing for scratchy, distorted guitar noise to ring out smoggy plumes of feedback, or conduct dry, murderous stabs in the dark, providing at times a near unbearable tension.


'Intelligence' was the first track to be premiered from the EP a few weeks ago and is probably the least menacing of the songs on Better, sitting somewhere between slack surf-pop and Ty Segall shouty garage-rock. It might be the catchiest track on the EP, but Odonis Odonis are at their best when they veil themselves under layers of atmospheric guitar noise and craft songs into unpredictable 2-minute mazes. The final 30 seconds of 'Robot Surfer' leads from howling feedback, which should close the track, into one final 3-second repetition of the track's feral coda.


'Flight Risk' features frantic, chop-and-paste fuzzy guitar chords that sound as if they are being processed through an electric drill, but it is on the final track 'Black Bones' that Odonis Odonis sound their most intimidating. They close the EP with an unnerving, repetitive bassline, a mumbled vocal delivery similar to Agus Andrew's crab-apple drawl, shocks of ringing guitar noise and another final twist which brings the EP's longest track to a disquieting end.

Odonis Odonis have sculpted a putrid cityscape of undesirable filth and frantic paranoia. Better chases you into a darkened alley and barrages you with sadistic screams from all angles. Sure, you can crawl into a nearby dumpster and hide, but they'll just beat their clenched fists on the lid until you finally submit.