The charm of OhBoy! can be felt just by reading the group's PR bio. Hailing from Northampton, the band describes themselves as a dessert recipe: "1 x carton of Teenage Fanclub; 2 x large spoonfuls of The Pixies; just a squeeze of The Lemonheads; whisk with fuzz pedal until thick, then sandwich between Pavement and Yo La Tengo. Pop it in the fridge overnight, and serve with just a sprinkle of Britpop."

That kind of charm is hard to come by in any form, but it is especially difficult to translate to music. OhBoy!, however, seems to do it without even trying. Their latest single, 'Hey Princess,' is evidence of this.

With its infectious guitar riff and the brilliant vocals one cannot help but sing-a-long with, 'Hey Princess' is a little slice of heaven. Good luck listening to the track just once, because the band's tight song construction and palpable energy commands multiple listens. Few songs this year have had so much energy and so much fun packed into such a tight space.

According to vocalist and guitarist Jay Brook, "'Hey Princess' was inspired by the disillusionment I've sometimes felt in certain crowds. It's about the people who put a lot time and energy into cultivating a version of themselves that they project through their clothes, their image, their Instagram feeds, which turns out to be disappointingly false once you attempt to scratch the surface."

'Hey Princess' is being released through Alcopop in the UK and through Canvasback, home of Alt-J and Frightened Rabbit, in the U.S. Check out the track below. Then check it out again and again and again.