Ólafur Arnalds’ debut album Eulogy For Evolution is getting a 10th Anniversary edition under the new name Eulogy For Evolution 2017. The album, which was originally written by the then eighteen-year-old composer has been remixed by Ólafur himself and remastered by Nils Frahm. The album cover has been reworked using Stuart Bailes’ original images.

Ólafur has reflected on revisiting his early work by saying, "I spent a couple of weeks in some sort of a time machine, opening up and working on 12-year-old recordings. There was noise in the microphones, some channels seemed accidentally muted, but sometimes I found myself admiring what my teenage-self was capable of. It was somehow charming. Well, most of it."

Eulogy For Evolution is a journey from birth to death, which Ólafur wrote the music for after the death of his uncle, a close family member. Shortly following the passing of his uncle, a grandchild was born and named after him. Ólafur stated, "I was inspired by the joy and positivity he brought, and saw that somehow life was extended after our death. So I set out to create a solid piece of music that would take us through the circle of life."

The new 10th Anniversary edition sees Ólafur’s recordings being reborn and matured but still contain the complex emotions the younger Ólafur was going through.

Eulogy For Evolution 2017 is out on 25th August 2017 via Erased Tapes.