The story of Olivia Sebastianelli's creative journey has been uniquely documented in a single-shot visual to accompany her new single 'Lighting Fires.' Shot by Cincinnati-based creatives Yellow Haus, Olivia uses the long, dark and dingy industrial hallway she walks through as her personal catwalk, pouring her heart out on her latest delivery. Olivia doesn't need a second take.

"I gave everything to that song," Olivia says. "By the time I’d finished recording it, I was exhausted! It's a big track, vocally, but I wanted to make a statement with my first single, and I think I've done that with 'Lighting Fires.' I like to call what I make lifestyle music. It's the sort of music you put on when you go for a long drive, music that quite literally takes you on a journey. We’re all continually evolving and I try to create moments in songs that reflect that. This song is about letting go of all the bad stuff. All the hate, all the grudges, all the pain anyone has ever caused you. It's about personal growth and moving on but also meeting someone that enables you to that. Maybe that person is a lover or a friend or a member of your family. Whoever they may be it’s about allowing yourself to truly feel in order to be able to truly move on."