Los Angeles always has a pretty stellar amount of new bands and artists rising from its ranks, but the group of musicians in the city now feels better than it has in quite some time thanks to groups like Tennis System, HOLYCHILD, Smallpools, and one of our favourite new artists, Olivver the Kid (née Bryan Sammis). Back in October we premiered his song 'Freak' which rose to the tops of the Hype Machine charts quicker than you can say "Hype Machine", which is why we're beyond stoked to premiere a new acoustic rendition of his song' Lucy' for your listening pleasure.

His debut EP Freak was chock full of 80's reminiscent synths and powerful drums, so it's definitely something special to hear those songs as stripped back as 'Lucy' is. While his EP showcased his voice pretty damn well, he truly shines on this new version, backed by a lone guitar - and as someone who's had the pleasure of seeing him live, I can confirm that he does one hell of a fine job of pulling this off in that setting too. He's released the song to get us ready for the new year, where he'll be releasing even more new music! Stream 'Lucy' below, and download the B-sides to the Freak EP for free over at his website.

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