Best known for being one quarter of Metronomy, Olugbenga Adelekan, or just OLUGBENGA has put his bass guitar down for the time being to launch an electronic solo career.

We caught up with Adeleken briefly to ask him about going solo and what he found different between this and working in a band like Metronomy:

"The big difference is being completely 100% alone in my studio for most of the day when I'm working on songs. Unless someone calls me, I can easily go from about 8am - 6pm without talking to another person. That's pretty much the opposite of being in a band with your friends. Honestly, 'going solo' always sounds a little dramatic to me. I'm a working musician. Outside of indie music, the idea of a musician sticking to one project is pretty unusual."

Talking about the direction of his music Olugbenga continues to be honest, "Yeah, I mean I couldn't write a Metronomy-ish song if I tried, but I always thought the best thing would be to explore a totally different musical area."

Olugbenga will release his debut EP, entitled Hafiza [INNOCENCE] next month on Pictures Music, the home of acts like Lapalux and Seams. And if this soulful lead single from the three track extended play is anything to go by, this wont be all we hear from the London-based producer.