Fans of the dangerous rock and/or roll band Olympians are in for an excellent treat, especially if those same fans are interested in news about new music by the aforementioned band.

As it turns out, the London and Norwich based band have actually been recording new songs, enough to fill an 8 track EP called Dance Like Everyone Is Watching And They Hate You, and have enough left over for an album that will follow later in the year, which is apparently called Slippery When Wet after those signs you sometimes see on staircases. This is all pretty exciting, we were beginning to think they just had their social media managers talk about the prospect of a new album whilst they were off doing the things that rock stars do, like sit on buses.

Here is an infomercial of sorts:

The EP, recorded by Thomas Le Beau Morley and the band and mixed by David Pie will be released in the last week of March and we're pretty excited to hear it, especially as they describe it as "floaty synth and drone stuff" which, to us, is quite the turn on.

Here is the song "Brunch Cannon" which is taken from the EP:

Earlier today I spent a good three or four minutes of my life interviewing Daniel J Harvey from the band using google hangouts. We talked about dancing, Top Gear, animated GIFs and the big dreams that dominate our existence and help us to overcome the trivial challenges of our day-to-day life.

The band also tweeted the track listing of their forthcoming new album if you're interested in that kind of thing.