Never one to flow with the tide, electronic experimentalist Om Unit has been releasing and collaborating under his current moniker since 2010. Making some of the most striking electronic music from the basis of his drum and bass sensibilities.

Previously released on the likes of highly-experimental drum and bass label Exit and more recently Goldie's Metalheadz, Om Unit's not in this to make his mark - he's already arrived. This project then will probably, hopefully be more of an insight into his ideas, influences, experiences and processes. We're all hyped up for an enthralling time of it, we can tell you that much.

Threads will be his debut full length release and is due to drop on October 8th via adventurous electronic label Civil Music. Featuring guest spots from the likes of Jabu, Jinadu, Gone The Hero and Charlie Dark it'll be a journey through jungle, dubstep and classic house.

Check the full tracklist below.

OM Unit - Threads
  • 1. Folding Shadows
  • 2. The Silence (feat. Jinadu)
  • 3. Healing Rain
  • 4. Jus Sayin’ (feat. Gone The Hero)
  • 5. Drift Interlude
  • 6. Reverse Logic
  • 7. Corridor 2013
  • 8. Nagual
  • 9. Patients (feat. MC Jabu)
  • 10. Deep Sea Pyramid
  • 11. Wall of Light
  • 12. Jaguar
  • 13. Wicker and Pearl
  • 14. Governer’s Bay
  • 15. The Road (feat. Charlie Dark)