Omar Souleyman and Sweden are friends again, after he was previously denied a visa based on his nationality.

The Syrian musician couldn't play his scheduled set at the Stockholm Music and Arts Festival because Sweden do not currently let Syrian citizens into Sweden, in case they seek asylum.

Souleyman reassured the authorities he had no plan to relocate, as he is a touring musician. As the new spread, following a similar cancellation at Gothenburg's Way Out West, those in charge came around and the musician did make it to play Way Out West.

Souleyman's manager told The Guardian:

"We apply for visas all the time and always have all the documents we need. This time, the application process was very difficult– the staff were very skeptical– and we were concerned from the outset. No other country has ever dealt with the situation like this. It was not promising.

"They claimed that there was an extreme risk that Omar would seek residents permit as soon as he arrives… I felt incredibly angry… This was a complete miscalculation. It’s very clear that this artist is someone that tours all the time and all over the world and he has absolutely no wish to defect to Sweden on this very short trip for a festival."

[via Best Fit]