From the moment Liv Lovelle starts singing on her new single 'Do You Get It', it's easy to understand why the up and coming London artist has been quickly building a buzz in the short time she has been releasing music. Having made her debut in 2017 with the strong 'Won't Say Too Much', she has since put out a handful of equally impressive singles that continue to make a strong case for Lovelle as being someone worth taking notice of.

With an equally elegant and powerful voice, oozing with confidence and natural charisma, Lovelle's music is split evenly between past and present, but never once feels like an uninspired throwback. Be it the retro soul of 'All That Matters' to the hard-edged contemporary swagger of 'Won't Say Much' and even the outright sultry funky groove of 'Special', she proves herself capable of navigating multiple influences all the while keeping things fresh and relevant.

'Do You Get It' is no different. Building from hushed piano to a full-on glimmering pop song whose polished and tight arrangements recall '90s pop music more than anything, it functions as another vehicle for Lovelle's naturally soulful voice as she sings about being completely in love with someone and wanting more than anything for those feelings to be reciprocated. Like all of her previous single there's an air of elegance she brings that makes the music all the more enticing, and with her debut EP planned for this year, her singles as a whole hopefully offer a glimpse of what's to come.