Raye Zaragoza isn't someone to shy away from social commentary and the injustices happening all around her. Her previous single 'In the River' was a direct response to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and 'American Dream' was inspired by everything from Trump's election and the mainstream media handling of Standing Rock to the struggles of growing up as a multi-cultural woman in the US (she counts Native American (O'odham), Mexican, Taiwanese and Japanese among her heritage). So it isn't all surprising she uses music as a vehicle to give a voice to those that often go unheard.

Having a social-activist/protest singer in 2019 might not seem like a novel idea, but when you take into account how anxiety-inducing our current 24/7 news cycle is and the climate of growing uncertainty and creeping hopelessness that comes with it, someone making this kind of uplifting and defiant music with simple direct messages is a refreshing change. After releasing her 2017 debut Fight For You, she's returning with a live EP.

As upbeat and well-produced as her debut was, it's in a live setting where she thrives the most. Recorded at the prestigious Rockwood Music Hall, the intimate setting truly captures the exuberance of her music, and more importantly it underscores just how powerful and captivating of a voice she possesses ('Heroine' and 'Driving to Standing Rock' are stunning highlights).

Zaragoza said her album was about "finding yourself and finding your voice," which is what she does on Live at Rockwood Music Hall. Despite just being four songs, it makes a strong case for music still having the power to inspire others to make a difference around them. Stream it in its entirety below.

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