After having released a six-song EP Bangups & Hangups back in 2012, NYC band Earthquake Lights are finally set to release a proper album in early April, and if their new single 'The Eight - One' is a hint of what's to come, then Distress Signals is likely to be something really special.

Having met in the jazz department of their school in 2011, their music, despited being indebted to rock, shifts between various styles with an almost unnatural ease. On 'The Eight - One' for example, surf-like guitars with a psychedelic bent ooze over a rigid groove that falls somewhere in between math-rock and jazz while the bass snakes in and out with a growling tone. Overall it's a subtly disorienting experience in the most positive of ways where everything comfortably blurs together and washes over you and pulling you into its vortex.

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