Lately, it seems as if there is an endless amount of new talent coming out of London, and Natalie Shay is just one of many up and coming artists whose prospects look promising. The BRIT school graduate and classically trained guitarist has already released a handful of glossy indie pop singles off of which she has managed to build considerable praise for, but it's on her new single 'Whole of Me' where she really stands out as someone positioned to make a name for herself.

She takes an entirely different direction here than on her previous efforts and strips everything down to just herself and an electric guitar. It's in these hushed settings where she thrives the most and her startling voice is able to ring clearly.

Over gently plucked chords she sings about the heartache of wanting someone more deeply than they want you. "You never wanted the whole of me/ You only want what you can see," she sings with obvious disappointment and frustration in her voice.

But there are no traces of bitterness which is what makes 'Whole of Me' especially compelling. It's an honest and direct account of what sometimes happens when our desires get the better of us and the lessons we learn from those experiences.

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