The National really are experts at disarming the most callous of hearts with the most unassuming sound but the most profound manifestation of melancholy. ‘Light Years,’ the band’s latest single from their forthcoming album, is no different. In fact, the track breaks listeners down to a sobbing puddle of shed tears through the sentiment of emotional distance and disconnect.

Though part of me wishes the band did not give away the concluding track to I Am Easy To Find, the ravishing mingling of Aaron Dessner’s delicate piano keys and Matt Berninger’s lulling baritone, make this release all worth the spoil.

Opening up with an adoring recollection, “You were waiting outside for me in the sun,” ‘Light Years’s’ romantic wistfulness evaporates like a lost memory, but then reappears in the form of an incredibly sad depiction of relational detachment: “Oh, the glory of it all was lost on me 'Til I saw how hard it'd be to reach you.”

Regarding the song’s title, Berninger in an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music, revealed that “there was a book by Sean Wilsey called ‘Oh the Glory of It All’ – I stole the whole title of that. It was on the shelf in Carin’s library where she keeps all her books. ‘Light Years’ by James Salter was also on the shelf and somehow the chorus of that just got pieced together from those two titles. The rest of it is all about just feeling distant from somebody on a different orbit – people who love each other but don’t understand each other."

Listen to ‘Light Years’ above and preorder I Am Easy To Find here.