This week, Björk released her new album Vulnicura two months earlier than expected due to a leak. In an interview with Billboard, Derek Birkett - founder of Björk's label One Little Indian - opened up about the "nightmare" involved with trying to handle the situation.

The process went like this:

  • 1. Following advice from "a few friends in the business," Birkett decided to "do a pre-sale on iTunes with the instant gratification of two or three tracks."
  • 2. Due to issues with Digital vs. Physical, Birkett was faced with certain partners being unhappy with digital outlets having the jump (Rough Trade Germany in particular): "We had to switch some of our partners for other partners... it had a massive, massive impact on us."
  • 3. Birkett then asked iTunes if it was ok if Vulnicura could be made available as a free download to anyone who pre-ordered the physical edition on Amazon, but then Amazon pulled out once it became available on iTunes: "Basically what happened is I panicked and gave it to iTunes because I told them, 'All these deals are going down and we're losing a lot of money'. I told them to put it on the cover and we'd give them the exclusive. Then I realized the political implications of giving iTunes the exclusive."
  • 4. Amazon pulled a U-turn and agreed to start selling it following the iTunes exclusive.
  • 5. The label decided they wouldn't pursue legal action against the leakers.

It seems Björk/Birkett handled the issue pretty well if you ask us.