Following an unofficial Lollapalooza after party in Chicago where Nas made an appearance, one person was shot to death and another was wounded early Monday morning. According to the Chicago Tribune, it occurred near Bodi, a venue on the near North side of Chicago.

Police had initially heard gunshots while on patrol and engaged with the suspect when they located him, but the suspect fled the scene and was not able to be captured. Revolt reports that the shooting took place after an altercation between venue security and a patron who was not allowed inside the club. Nas had already left Bodi's premises by the time the shooting took place.

To anyone familiar with Chicago's murder rate, the news may not come as a shock, although it's incredibly sad. It was something that Nas himself had touched upon during his Lollapalooza set earlier that weekend, saying “I’ve been in this music for so long. I’ve seen so many come. I’ve seen so many go,” before performing his song 'Accident Murderers'.

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