Release Date: 04.08.08 via Jagjaguwar
Oneida are back, the Brooklyn 3 piece comprising members Hanoi Jane, Bobby Matador, and Kid Millions have finally released a follow up to Happy New Year . Before you get too excited though there is a small caveat, while this is a Oneida album it's not a Oneida album in the traditional sense of the word. Gone are the whirligig funhouse synths, the brash pounding drums and the pounding basslines that make you want to nod your head and move your feet. This album is something far more delicate in nature. It's a lot more experimental than their previous efforts. It’s essentially three distinct 'movement's that would be more at home in an art-house film than it would your home stereo. Don't let this put you off though, despite all this, it's a wonderful album and an excellent addition to the Oneida canon. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise as they've been refining and changing their sound organiclly ever since they released Anthem of the Moon and the spilt ep Atheists, Reconsider with Liars. Preteen Weaponry builds on Oneida's love of repetition. Each One Teach One seemed to mark the apex of their interest with it, with track Sheets of Easter clocking in at fourteen minutes with a barely changing drum beat, jangling riff, and the refrain "step into the light light light light". That description doesn't really do justice to a song which is jaw-dropping in it's tightly wound ferocity, especially when witnessed live, the slightest deviation in the composition is the sweetest release. However, they show more restraint here. Each track is built around a simple guitar riff and drum beat which slowly rises and falls throughout. Part One has a pulsing synth which flows in and out of the song. Part Two's tribal rhythmic beats are interrupted by the disembodied voice of Kid Millions and Part Three's distorted high hats bring out the air of menace that settles over the whole piece. The album is like an enormous intake of air, your lungs burn and your throat constricts waiting for that beautiful release. To some people that will sound like hell, to me that's a glimpse of heaven. Visit Oneida at