Segueing out of the noughties, 2011 is replete with art forms that are making an indelible impact on the contemporary sonic landscape. One such audio architect is Brooklyn based musician Daniel Lopatin. Performing under the moniker Oneohtrix Point Never, crystalline sheets of icy winds breeze briskly outside the concrete exterior of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Inside, an undulating ceiling cavity is embedded with cosmic blue spotlights. Fixed against the backdrop of the stage, a projector screen displays a film sequence along a North American highway. Perhaps installed as a visual signifier for the imminent auditory journey, Lopatin secures himself at the table underneath the film screen. Attending to the plethora of silver coloured equipment in front of him, he to begins to punch a series of buttons on his chaos pad.

Instantaneously, a sonorous wall of raw static expounds from the speakers. The video screen displays four squares actively fitting into each other. The visual imagery skitters with the vintage veneer of a VHS tape recording. With goose bumps running down our necks to the base of our spines; Lopatin slides into 'Preyouandi'. A distorted electronic groove unravels in the air, its grainy texture resonates with a bitty chill as the venue becomes bathed in amber light. A repertoire of beating tin cans can be heard clinking in the air. Swaying his head as if within a trance, Lopatin distorts the timbre of the percussion sample, and the tapping tins now carry the fuzzy resonance of being submerged in water.

The movie sequence above depicts a collection of tessellating squares, vibrating to the buzz of the synthesizers echoing through the venue. As the volume grows, the squares blush from shocking pink to seaside blue. Gazing open mouthed at this stultifying audio-visual spectacle, my Adam's apple croaks like a bullfrog after forgetting to gulp.

Enveloped in violet light 'Physical Memory' begins to permeate into the room. Cascading streams of analogue glitching bring the air in room to boil. Feeling the gentle buzz on my skin from the building heat, flashing instances of satellite signals punctuate the effervescent waves of synth. Diffusing through the room, the ten-minute auditory masterpiece echoes as if being played within the far reaches of outer space. At this, austere key chords resound languorously as the multi textured piece of sound meanders from the speakers and into our imaginations.

Complemented by surreal installations of abstract images, Oneohtrix Point Never crafts a soundtrack that deconstructs the musical landscape for the unexplored parameters of the inter-stella cosmos. All in all, an ambitious and cerebrally woven journey across the starlit everglades of the mind, now open your eyes!