Oneohtrix Point Never teams up with PC Music final boss A. G. Cook for an unexpected end to the year in the form of 'Bubs' – oh, and of course there is the solo track from OPN, too.

That solo track is called 'Rush' and to begin with it's this rumbling mechanical drone draped with fragmentary samples, snippets of sound, the unholy vehicle that takes us on a descent (or ascent?) into a vista of 1000 years from now; vocal chops jostle with synth vox and mists of icy glitter in a post-tribal swirl of dreamlike abstraction.

The A. G. Cook collaboration, 'Bubs', begins almost as a legible translation of 'Rush' – a more structured affair, yet still soaked in a soup of unsettling oddity, with piercing strings sunrising. At certain points it almost gives birth to a hook, a semblance of pop, but it skips nonchalantly on the outskirts, which is a nice idea.