Daniel Lopatin recently announced his new album as Oneohtrix Point Never, Age Of, the proper follow up to 2015's Garden Of Delete. Although we got a sample of the opening track in the teaser trailer for Age Of, today comes the first full track we've heard from the project.

'Black Snow' is an entirely unique Lopatin production; warped synthesizers, fizzling atmospherics, some electronic flutes and even a very unusual instrument called a Daxophone make this into a twisted and contemplative web of intrigue. This is enforced by Lopatin's voice, more clear and up-front than we've ever heard it, starting with deep inhalations and then expounding in creepy imagery, apparently inspired by Nick Land and the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit he co-founded; a 1990’s collective of artist-philosophers that produced works of performance art, poetry and fiction.

Needless to say, that's already enough to chew on mentally, but then add the self-directed video to the mix and you're in a whole new world of WTF. Part Breaking Bad, part Videodrome, part Little Nicky and maybe even some Bring It On - and a whole bunch more, this one takes some pondering.

Watch and listen to 'Black Snow' below.

Oneohtrix Point Never's Age Of comes out through Warp on June 1st - pre-order it here.