End of year lists are kind of… well, once the judgements have been passed and the digital accolades strung up on every inch of social media for a few weeks, what happens? Nothing? Just that initial celebration and then the next year starts, for everything to begin afresh; the clocks are restarted and the brain emptied of the promise of last year.

But instead we've opted to follow some of the artists from our Ones To Watch list. We don't pretend to be able to predict how big an artist is going to be, or going to get, this year. No. Instead, we aim to nurture and bring to your attention the good work being done by these artists on a monthly basis.

So, that was February. New Zealander Chelsea Jade sung an a capella cover of Rihanna's 'You Da One', Goldlink teamed up with FALCONS for the ultra-boomsion of 'Vroom', Tei Shi's 'Bassically' has been bobbling and popping in our minds, little cloud released her #jealousgirlfriend project, the very shiny and very polished 'M.O.B.' appeared from Tkay Maidza, and the mysterious ∆heyoo∆ continues to do excellent things. See you next month.

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