Welcome to the 405's Ones to Watch rundown, 2016. In an attempt to hammer home the 'quality over quantity' adage, this year's selection is slightly smaller at just seven artists, but we're confident you'll find someone to fall in love with this week.

Enigmatic and eclectic, East London alternative R&B artist Alxndr London continues to build upon his future soul artistry through the rich and inspiring artistic resources that most people would look at as mundane routines. Sounds. Smells. Tastes. He absorbs them, blending the senses like he does the sonic inspirations that can be heard on his recent acclaimed singles like 'Harrison' and 'Jupiter and Pluto.' There, his soulful stylings balance jazz, garage and electronic elements into an unpredictable offering that make each surprise release a promising one. Alxndr keeps building, keeps evolving. And that's precisely why he's one to watch.

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You have a very minimalist, even mysterious aesthetic from your visual art to your interviews. What do you find beautiful about ambiguity?

We live in a world where everything is way too easy. Everything is way too accessible. Not paying attention to certain things like that, I think is appreciated to gain lessons from it. And so be it. My face is not included in that. The world we live in is an okay world, but me personally, I'd rather focus on my art and my music and anything outside of that is not really where my focus is.

What was your musical calling and what triggered you to head down a musical path?

My experiences are all I have. My talents. My lessons. If I'm so blessed to have something to share with people, I think it would be wrong of me not to do so. I'm really grateful for everything. Even the fact that you're calling me right now. As they say, you can be anywhere in the world literally doing anything else, but you're talking to me.

What has the process been like of finding out who Alxndr London is as an artist?

It's been interesting. It's like the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Sometimes it's bright and cheerful and happy, others it's nighttime. Everything changes. Things happen and I'm just trying to roll with it.

Previously, you've referred to yourself as an "uncaged relic." How does that title best represent you?

When I talk about relic, I do feel like I've been encapsulated something from an earlier time. I am something of a historical interest, something that people may find familiar. And I just try to present it as me. Soul is probably going to make sense in most people's minds. I harken to use soul elements. But I like a lot of things. I'm one of those people where I think, apart from coconut, I can pretty much eat anything. I enjoy most movies. I'm not really fussy and I'm easy. I'm just presenting everything as me and we're all unique. We can only be us.

Speaking of foods. I was on Twitter and saw your header was a photo of plantain with pork skins and cassava chips or something incredibly random. I was intrigued.

This is amazing. I've been blessed this year and went to Berlin earlier in the year and I just came back from New York and I'm going to Paris next weekend. Everything's been gearing me up for the future, really. I've been recording and writing and meeting some really interesting people. I'm really thankful for what they've given me as they've all equipped me to keep me on my journey. When I was in New York - plantain is my most favourite food in the world. If we ever meet and if you cook me plantain, I would write a song and name it after you. I love plantain. But it had so much going on. I don't eat pork. It tastes alright but I just have never witnessed the amount of choice that they have in New York and that combination of plantain and pork and cassava is just foreign to the UK. You wouldn't be able to purchase it. I just thought it was amusing. And also when I was in New York, I think the Hispanic community call it maduros and I remember they were asking me if I ever tried it and I was like, marduros? What's that? They were describing it and when they started frying it, I was like, I know what that is.

It's so good.

It's my favourite food.

So, back to the music. Your new single 'Jupiter & Pluto' is excellent. I noticed that the push and pull of energies is the general theme within the song so I was wondering from you, how does that directly reflective of your life?

I'm just travelling through life and telling my stories. It's all my experiences. Winter's coming. But it will pass as well. It has to pass. There needs to be hope in this world. You want to go to sleep and believe that you're going to wake up. You have plans. We live life and we have to find hope. Whether it's God, whether it's the universe, whether it's just, "I'm going to finish this day," we all need to believe in a tomorrow. The pushes and pulls and energies are real.

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Everything and nothing. It's just - be you. Be beautiful and weird and normal at the same time. We all know what's right and wrong. As skewed as it may appear at times. You know how to treat someone well. You know what thorns are and what roses are. You know how to be pleasant. Be the best you can. Be the best person you were born to be. It's cool to say to someone that, you look beautiful today. Be cool and the universe will note it and you may get a little present in the future. A "well-done" for being a cool person. I feel like, if you respect the balance of nature and understand that everything has a consequence then every action you make will set off something, the butterfly effect, you'll be alright in life to some degree. So, I have a show coming up and I don't feel like I'm any more deserving of a show than your average street busker. You're giving me your time right now. Just be awesome and the universe will bless you.

What are you doing when you're not making music?

I'm always making music. I am my music and my music is me. If I had nothing in my head and nothing had happened in my life, I don't think I'd be able to do it. Whether it's the bus going around and you're just listening to its wheels squelching against the grit of the tarmac and stones and cement and the lovely dirt and you hear something that inspires you. You should see my phone. My voice notes are crazy. I have hundreds. I'm always making music. I'm always creating. We're blessed with different things. Some people have really long hair. Some people have cute eyes. I create and that so happens to make me an artist. Likewise, I think because I create, I'm labelled as that. I always just say I sing, and create but I'm not a creative. It's just me doing it. I don't sing to be a singer. I sing because I sing.

What can we expect from you this next coming year?

Just more Alxndr. I'm still chopping firewood. There's a bit of smoke so we'll see. I don't even know what's going to happen in 10 minutes to be honest. I'm just going to stay grateful, stay humble, stay grounded and the universe will hopefully bless me.

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