Welcome to the 405's Ones to Watch rundown, 2016. In an attempt to hammer home the 'quality over quantity' adage, this year's selection is slightly smaller at just seven artists, but we're confident you'll find someone to fall in love with this week.

Chloe Martini just wants to make you dance and the young Polish DJ/Producer is more than capable. Her latest EP, Private Joy first demanded attention with emotional '80s-inspired electronic numbers back in March, but a new re-released remix version of the acclaimed delivery has added even more urgency to get on board with the bright and progressive fast-rising mood-setter. And that's precisely why she's one to watch.

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What makes you one to watch?

I'm quite a diverse producer. That's probably why it can be quite interesting to check my stuff. Initially, whenever I make a track, or a remix or whenever I make any beat, I have no clue of what kind of genre or what kind of vibe or what kind of style it's going to be. It's even surprising for myself. I'm guessing it's even more of a surprise for people who follow me to check what vibe it will be.

Previously you've described your music as fluid, nostalgic and sensual. How does that represent you in your daily life?

Well, I'm not really an organized person so fluid is a good description for that as well. I don't have a solid plan for my day or even my life, I'd say. I'm quite a nostalgic person. My music is pretty sensual. Whenever I make a track, even if it's upbeat, people have told me that it's sensual. I have no clue why. I guess it's my inner self that is more nostalgic and sensual.

You've gone from piano compositions to electronic production and beyond. What has been the biggest personal transition to your creative process since you began making music?

The want to experiment. I still do actually record piano compositions. I will never stop, because that's how I started and that's what I still love doing. But, obviously, it's so much fun to be able to make a radio track, which nowadays is electronic music mainly. I just wanted to be able to do as much as I could. I want to do pop music, I want to do hip-hop music, I want to do electronic music and I obviously would love to be able to create cool piano compositions or even one day score a movie.

What type of movie would you be interested in scoring?

Probably some kind of drama or a psychological thriller.

What's been the most rewarding aspect of your career to date?

I think what is rewarding is being able to travel all over Europe and meeting fans and people who become my fans after my shows. That's definitely a great thing. Also, being able to work with people that I admire, through the internet. Because my music is getting more and more popular, people want to work with me and I'm so grateful for that. It's a great feeling when someone you already admire wants to work with you.

What have been some of your sonic obsessions this year?

At the moment, I'm so obsessed with Lana Del Rey's new album. I listen to it all the time. I think it's so gorgeous and so beautiful. I love the fact that Lana kind of abandoned the mainstream. I feel like it's so underground. I can't even imagine hearing it on mainstream radio, which is a good thing. This could easily be a score for a cool movie. It's amazingly beautiful. And obviously Kendrick Lamar's album is going to be looked at as amazing into the next decade and the next decade. Kendrick Lamar and Lana Del Rey are my favourite albums of 2015.

What are you up to when you aren't making music?

I'm interested very much in perfume actually. I collect lots of different niche perfumes. I have a solid collection. One day, I would love to own my own company with fragrances. That would be a dream.

I know your artist name, you dubbed yourself Chloe Martini after a perfume that was in your room and you had a martini bottle in your room and you just put the two items together. If you had to re-name yourself right now, what are two items in there that you would choose to be your new artist name if you had to right now?

Picture lamp.

What's your definition of a perfect remix?

When a person that's remixing the track can change the emotion of an original and make it their own and make it way different than the original. Find a way to give the track a different meaning, a hidden meaning that the original couldn't express.

Going into your DJs sets. What was that transition like for you, as someone that's worked on compositions and production by yourself to the DJ booth where you can watch everyone experience the music?

I was forced, because I was a producer but because there were requests, I had to become a DJ very quickly. I learned by myself how to do that. Of course, it's not as difficult as being a producer and I have my own way to DJ, just like production. I think it's so much fun to DJ on my own terms and how I want it. It's a great thing.

I know when you make your music, you create based mood and emotion. Did that change your production process at all, when you began to really see people's reaction?

Most definitely. Mainly, I was always making down-tempo music, but ever since I started playing DJ sets that I realized it was time for myself to do more upbeat tracks. I really love seeing people dancing to the music that I play them. I felt like it might be even greater if they can dance to my music. To do that, I have to make more upbeat tracks.

What are your goals and predictions for yourself this coming year?

I'm working on my next EP. Obviously, it's still going to be filled with a lot of emotions, like I am. I'm just experimenting. But, it's quite inspired by 90s music this time. Last time it was the 80s.

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