A few days ago we reported the recent announcement of Dark Souls II. However, there was no release mentioned for Nintendo's new console, the Wii U. Finding this unacceptable, Christopher Marcil has started a petition for Namco Bandai and From Software to take notice of fan demand and port Dark Souls II to the Nintendo Wii U.

The petition states possible advantages the Wii U can bring to Dark Souls II’s gameplay experience: “In many ways the Wii U could benefit the game, such as managing inventory on the touch screen without having to obscure the player’s vision on the TV (the Souls games do not pause, so you must be able to pay attention at all times). The affordability of a Wii U console compared to a gaming PC, and the free online play compared to Xbox Live fees on 360, make the Wii U version ideal for anyone who does have or want a PS3.”

All fair and decent points, however I feel that what should also be added is that Nintendo is really taking a lot more risks this time around with the Wii U, going as far as releasing as one of its flagship launch titles, the Demon/Dark Souls-like FPS Zombie game ZombiU.

I would welcome Dark Souls II or even the previous titles on the Wii U. If anything, the presence of such a game would undermine the stereotypes of Nintendo being just a “family orientated” company.

You can check out and sign the petition here.