Label: Death Records Release date: 6/09/10 Website: Offical Site Buy: Spotify I remember, back in 2009, when Ono Palindromes were called Young Sensation : They were five at the time, and their sound was really ¡Forward Russia!-esque, in my opinion. It’s 2010 now, and things changed quite a lot : bye bye keyboards, hello loud drums-bass-guitars. Back to basics. This Kool Aid Acid Test EP is a 4-track. Simple. Easy. Story starts with ‘Silicone’, where guitarist Andy Death screams he’s about to “Lose Control”, helped by grungy riffs. Second track ‘Loose’ comes and it’s very much like the first one: fast, grungy & angry. Same goes with ‘James Dean’ : guitar-yelps,drums-guitar-end. It becomes clear then that the band is now more interested by, let’s say, old Nirvana and Sonic Youth sounds than the ‘new wave’ vibe of their debut. Last track ‘Black Lungs’ is the really interesting one, still Sonic Youth in style, but enjoyable. And that’s the whole thing with that EP : it’s nice, enjoyable, and I’m sure Ono Palindromes are a solid live band. But is that enough? Photobucket