Onra has announced his next musical project, and new musical direction. Fellow Parisian producer Buddy Sativa is collaborating with Onra as the Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo, and as you might have guessed, they're making jazz music.

Their self-titled debut will be released April 9, and it's 12 tracks long.

Onra tweeted his own thoughts last night about the upcoming release:

"I have no idea how to introduce you to that record… It’s so different. The music will speak for itself I guess. Soon. Cover by painter Mati Abdul Klarwein. You probably seen his work on other records such as Miles Davis 'Bitches Brew'. I sent this new Jazz album to Madlib, It’s pretty hard to think he will ever click on the link, but '’m just hoping for it. Actually I sent this album to a lot of people already. Especially Jazz aficionados, record collectors, etc… Just needed some feedback."

The tracklisting is as follows:

  • Universe Is Love
  • UFO Paradise
  • Dark Karma
  • 360->
  • The Muse Inside
  • Endangered Species
  • Honey, Hash, Rose
  • The Garden of Heavenly Delights
  • The Time is Now
  • COs (X)
  • Untitled (Afrojazz)
  • Wandering, Wondering