Open Mike Eagle released the beloved album Brick Body Kids Still Daydream right around this time last year, and while there's so much going on in that album that we can still listen to it and find plenty of new nuggets, we're glad to tell you that he's back with a new track and the promise of some kind of new project on the horizon.

The new single 'Relatable (peak OME)' is exactly what that title suggests; Open Mike Eagle discussing himself in regards to what has been written about him and his work. Being one of the most intelligent and self-aware rappers out there, it's no surprise that Open Mike Eagle can be both humorous and insightful when dissecting his own feedback, and when it comes wrapped up in a beautifully detailed beat, as on 'Relatable', it is truly peak OME. Check it out below.

There's a vague promise of a "new project" from Open Mike Eagle coming soon, so stay on top of news about that by following him on Twitter and Facebook.